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Friday, September 21, 2007


This week’s theme is “paper.” Of course, Audubon Magazine is made of paper. So, in honor of this week’s theme and the fact that I’ve moved to this new domain, I’m giving away a year’s subscription to Audubon!

I am a subscriber to National Geographic, Birds and Blooms, Audubon Magazine, and others, and I have to say that Audubon is my favorite. The photography and the writing is every bit as good as National Geographic’s, but the articles are always wildlife and bird-themed, while other magazines often delve into other subjects (peoples, countries, etc.).

To be eligible to win the year’s subscription, all you have to do is mention this post in a post of your own and link back to this post (send a trackback or leave a comment letting me know you’ve linked this post). That’s it! Just mention the contest and link! The contest will close at 5:00 p.m. on Monday night, September 27, 2007, when my wife and I will put all the entrants into a hat and pull out the winner by random. That gives everybody 3 full days to link.

Two things to note: First, if you are the winner, you’ll need to give me enough personal information (name and address) so that I can send the magazine to someone (if you aren’t comfortable with that, sorry!). Second, your first issue will arrive January of 2008 (so you’ll have to wait a few months).

If you have any questions, let me know!

PS – You don’t have to be a member of Photo Hunt, or even be a nature blogger, to join the contest!

UPDATE – And the winner is…Bobbie and Bunch at Cats Goats and Quotes! Congrats! Send me an email, Bobbie, to privatepigg[at]hotmail[dot].com!

And thanks to everybody who linked and commented!

Posted by: Mike in: Photo Hunt at 3:00 pm

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  • http://www.farmingfriends.com farmingfriends

    What an interesting post and a great gift offer.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  • http://carverblog.blogspot.com/ carver

    What a good idea for the paper theme.

  • http://talktograms.blogspot.com Grams

    This is cool! Have nice weekend!! Grams

  • http://kissedalotatoads.blogspot.com Kissedalotatoads

    Great idea for this week. What would we do without paper? Have a good weekend.

  • http://whatworksforus.blogspot.com/2007/09/paper.html WFMom

    What a great idea (and shot for this week)!

  • http://mycrayonbox.blogspot.com Jane

    Oh neat! We are studying city wildlife in my third grade classroom. I would love the magazine! I will get back to you when I post!

  • http://amyszoo.wordpress.com Amy

    I think that is a great way to celebrate your new blog! Have fun!

  • http://iamwhoiam6.blogspot.com/ cindy

    Very nice choice for paper. And it does look like a fun way to celebrate your new domain.

  • http://nobodyimportant-jmb.blogspot.com jmb

    Excellent choice for the theme. Audubon is a very fine magazine. Congratulations on your new domain.

  • http://maremag.blogspot.com mar

    Nice choice for the theme and fun way to celebrate your new domain! Happy hunting and happy weekend :)

  • http://thefourseasonsofmylife.com lutchi

    this is a neat one… The Four Seasonsof my Life hope u can visit me too.

  • http://everydayhealy.blogspot.com Everyday Healy

    Welcome to Photo Hunters! Hope many people is joining this contest and make it a great success. All the best for you. :)

  • http://flosplaceonline.com Flo

    Wow, great idea!! Great photo, great way to celebrate your blog, and great gift.

  • http://maremag.blogspot.com mar

    You are the first commenter who knows about Barcelona’s Maremagnum… :) that’s a word we use in Spanish for organized chaos, lol!!
    I was a foreign exchange student in HS in Dubuque, IA and then graduated from the U of I…so I have already bookmarked you in my google reader because I love Iowa (Go Hawkeyes 😀 )

  • http://purple4mee.blogspot.com/ Teena in Toronto

    Great take on today’s theme!

    Mine’s up too :)

  • http://prevailinginsanity.blogspot.com Melli

    WOW! I have shared this contest with a friend of mine who simply MUST win! Well… at least she must TRY! Great photo for the theme too! (and thanks for stopping by today!)

  • http://bobbieandbunch.blogspot.com/ Bobbie

    Oh I love Birds and Blooms!!
    Good picture of ‘paper’ :)

  • http://mumshome.blogspot.com Stine

    Hello, what a great take on paper! And that magazine looks wonderful. Thanks for visiting!

  • http://postcardsfrompaulie.blogspot.com/ Paulie

    Neat entry for this theme. Nice contest too. Come and see mine.

  • http://bobbieandbunch.blogspot.com/ Bobbie

    I’ve linked to your post on my blog!
    Cats~Goats~Quotes :)

  • http://joecoolspics.blogspot.com Jose

    Good idea for a fun contest.

  • http://bmiers.blogspot.com Barbara

    Hello, Melli led me here to try to win this contest. She is a good friend who knows I am devoted to birds. Audubon magazine would be thouroughly read at my home. Nice paper post today. I’n glad Mellii pointed me here.

  • http://blog.hummiesworld.com Hummie

    Oh, I bet that’s a great magazine! What a great prize to win, but I wouldn’t want to give out my personal info…may the best person win!

  • http://crizlai.blogspot.com Criz Lai

    Not bad…a contest to win paper prizes for a year. Very unique idea here this week. Take care and see ya around :)

  • http://dustyd-flyawayhome.blogspot.com sandy

    Yeah..!!!! I’m entered. Your website deserves lots of hits and I hope you get them. You’ve done a fabulous job on your photography and presentation.


  • http://www.jabberwalkiejoke.blogspot.com Sue

    Great for the theme!

  • http://bmiers.blogspot.com Barbara

    I’m entered! Check it out here.

  • http://pollywogcreek.blogspot.com Patricia (of Pollywog Creek)

    What a great idea! Perfect! Thanks for stopping by Pollywog Creek while I was away this weekend. Hope your weekend was delightful!

  • http://bobbieandbunch.blogspot.com/ Bobbie

    Thanks so much for running the contest!
    This is our first time to win anything as a blogger :)
    You have a great blog!
    Thanks again..
    Bobbie and Bunch :)

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