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Categorized by genus/species, placed chronologically by common name

    American Coot

    American Crow

    American Flamingo*

    American Goldfinch

    American Kestrel

    American Oystercatcher*

    American Robin

    American Tree Sparrow

    American White Pelican

    Bald Eagle

    Baltimore Oriole

    Barn Swallow

    Barnacle Goose*

    Belted Kingfisher

    Black-and-White Warbler

    Black-Bellied Whistling-Duck*

    Black-Capped Chickadee

    Black-Headed Gull*

    Black Vulture*

    Blue Jay

    Blue Tit*

    Blue-Winged Teal



    Broad-Winged Hawk

    Brown Creeper

    Brown-Headed Cowbird

    Brown Pelican*

    Brown Thrasher


    Canada Goose


    Cape May Warbler*

    Carolina Chickadee*

    Carolina Wren

    Cedar Waxwing

    Chipping Sparrow

    Common Gallinule

    Common Goldeneye

    Common Grackle

    Common Gull*

    Common Merganser

    Common Moorhen*

    Common Pochard*

    Common Redpoll

    Cooper's Hawk

    Dark-Eyed Junco


    Double-Crested Cormorant

    Downy Woodpecker

    Eastern Bluebird

    Eastern Goldfinch - See American Goldfinch

    Eastern Kingbird

    Eastern Meadowlark

    Eastern Phoebe

    Eastern Towhee

    Eastern Wood Pewee

    Eurasian Blackbird*

    Eurasian Collared Dove

    Eurasian Coot*

    Eurasian Jackdaw*

    Eurasian Magpie*

    Eurasian Tree Sparrow*

    European Serin*

    European Shag*

    European Starling

    Fox Sparrow

    Golden-Crowned Kinglet

    Golden-Fronted Woodpecker*

    Gray Catbird

    Graylag Goose

    Great Black-backed Gull*

    Great Blue Heron

    Great Cormorant*

    Great Egret

    Great Grey Shrike

    Great Spotted Woodpecker*

    Great Tit*

    Greater Flamingo*

    Greater White-Fronted Goose*

    Green Heron

    Hairy Woodpecker

    Harlequin Duck

    Hermit Thrush

    Herring Gull

    Hooded Crow*

    Horned Lark

    House Finch

    House Sparrow

    House Wren

    Indigo Bunting

    Ivory Gull


    Laughing Gull*

    Lesser Black-backed Gull*

    Lesser Scaup

    Lincoln's Sparrow

    Magnolia Warbler

    Mallard (Domestic)

    Mallard (Wild)

    Mourning Dove

    Mute Swan*

    Neotropic Cormorant*

    Northern Cardinal

    Northern Flicker

    Northern Rough-Winged Swallow

    Northern Shoveler

    Northern Shrike - See Great Grey Shrike

    Orange-Crowned Warbler

    Painted Bunting*

    Palm Warbler

    Red-Bellied Woodpecker

    Red-Breasted Nuthatch

    Red-Headed Woodpecker

    Red-Legged Thrush*

    Red-Tailed Hawk

    Red-Winged Blackbird

    Ring-Billed Gull

    Ring-Necked Duck

    Rock Pigeon


    Ross's Goose*

    Royal Tern*

    Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

    Ruddy Turnstone*

    Sandwich Tern*

    Scarlet Tanager

    Smooth-Billed Ani*

    Solitary Sandpiper

    Song Sparrow

    Spotted Sandpiper

    Swamp Sparrow

    Syrian Woodpecker*

    Tricolored Heron*

    Tufted Duck*

    Tufted Titmouse

    Tundra Swan*

    Turkey Vulture

    White-Breasted Nuthatch

    White-Cheeked Pintail*

    White-Crowned Pigeon*

    White-Crowned Sparrow

    White-Eyed Vireo

    White-Throated Sparrow

    White-Winged Dove

    Wild Turkey

    Wilson's Warbler

    Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow-Legged Gull

    Yellow-Rumped Warbler


    American Beaver

    Common Raccoon

    Eastern Chipmunk

    Eastern Cottontail

    Eastern Fox Squirrel

    Eastern Gray Squirrel

    Groundhog - See Woodchuck

    Ground Squirrel - See Eastern Chipmunk

    Red Fox

    Striped Skunk

    Virginia Opossum

    White-Tailed Deer


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Sunday, May 22, 2016

I suppose this could be considered a graphic video, as the eel is filleted alive.

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Posted by: Mike in: Japan,Travel at 3:58 pm

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

In December, when we were in Sarajevo, we had the pleasure of watching a soccer/football match between FK Željezničar and NK Vitez in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FK Zeljeznicar - Sarajevo, Bosnia

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  • Thursday, April 21, 2016

    This “chapter” produced 4 trials for me, personally. The last one is finally done.

    Sex offender Melvin T. Lucier heard the word he’s heard three times before in a Scott County courtroom: Guilty.

    A Scott County jury deliberated nearly 20 minutes Wednesday before finding the 55-year-old guilty of one count of third-degree sex abuse for abusing a then 12 or 13 year old boy in 2011 or 2012.

    More than two hours later, Scott County District Court Judge Joel Barrows sentenced him to up to 25 years in prison, which will be served back-to-back with multiple life sentences for sexually abusing three girls

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    Posted by: Mike in: Law at 3:11 pm

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    Thursday, March 24, 2016

    Today, Radovan Karadzic was found guilty of genocide for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

    “Finding Karadzic guilty of the Srebrenica genocide, judge O-Gon Kwon said that after Bosnian Serb forces attacked and seized the UN-protected enclave in July 1995, a “plan to destroy the Muslim population” was implemented in an organised way.”

    I was able to visit the Srebrenica Memorial last December on a quiet, windless day. It’s a pretty eerie place, set off by the abundant fog, the lack of any noise whatsoever, and the backdrop of forest in the surrounding Dinaric Alps.


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    Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    Another mistrial (back-to-back mistrials for me):

    An “inappropriate” comment by a prospective juror this week led a Scott County judge to declare a mistrial for two brothers accused of beating a man at a Davenport strip club in October.

    The comment was made Monday during the first day of jury selection for Kamden Shelton, 24, and Juan Shelton, 32, who are charged with attempted murder and willful injury causing serious injury.
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    Posted by: Mike in: Law at 3:05 pm

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    Monday, January 25, 2016

    Via the QC Times:

    An inadvertent comment from a prospective juror questioned to sit on the jury for four-time convicted child sex offender Melvin T. Lucier led a Scott County District Court judge to declare a mistrial Monday morning.

    The decision by Judge Joel Barrow came less than an hour into jury selection in Lucier’s fourth sex abuse trial.

    Prior to Monday’s trial, Barrows granted a motion filed by defense attorney Michael Motto seeking to bar any mention or testimony regarding Lucier’s prior convictions or that he already is a convicted sex offender.

    Posted by: Mike in: Law at 5:20 pm

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    Saturday, January 9, 2016
    ivory gull 01

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    Posted by: Mike in: Birds at 6:59 pm

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    Friday, January 1, 2016

    Word of the Day – first-foot: the first person to cross the threshold of a house on New Year’s Day.

    Posted by: Mike in: Holidays,Words at 9:47 am

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    Thursday, December 31, 2015

    On December 10, 2015, we saw last year’s Serbian SuperLiga champion, FK Partizan Belgrade (ФК Партизан Београд), take on FC Augsburg of the German Bundesliga. It was the final game of the Group Stage of the UEFA Europa League, with the winner advancing to the knockout round and the loser being eliminated. Partizan jumped out to an early 1 – 0 lead, but ultimately lost 3 – 1.

    FK Partizan (ФК Партизан) v. Augsburg; Europa League, December 10, 2015

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    Sunday, December 20, 2015

    A great article by Bill Wundram, my grandparents’ neighbor for many, many years:

    So much about Christmas is tradition, and so many stories have been hanging around our family for a generation or two:

    A week before Christmas, my dad would haul into the parlor (never the living room) the biggest Christmas tree in town. On Christmas Eve, heavy footsteps would stomp on the front porch, and my dad would shout “Goodbye, Santa.” We always knew the clomping was my dad’s feet, and the sliding parlor door would open to a magnificent Christmas tree surrounded by electric trains, dolls and BB guns. My mother, in her thin voice, would sing “God rest ye merry, gentlemen.”

    Becky was about 10, also is the big house, the Christmas Eve night she was staring out her bedroom window and saw Santa Claus. She excitedly watched him lug a red sack into the house of our neighbors, the big Motto family. She ran downstairs, shouting, “I saw him. I saw Santa. He’s for real.” She is now an adult, a school teacher, who is still convinced that she actually saw Santa and tells her kindergartners that he is as real as the Easter Bunny.

    Posted by: Mike in: Holidays at 8:46 pm

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    Sunday, December 20, 2015

    I often see pro-gun advocates argue that we need to oppose gun control because the population cannot resist a tyrannical government if the population has been disarmed. Libertarians like Austin Petersen post anti-gun control memes like the following:

    While it is, of course, true that a population cannot resist a tyrannical government if the population has been disarmed (setting aside the discussion of whether an armed population could effectively resist a government armed with tanks, jets, etc.), I do not find this argument to be very persuasive in opposing proponents of gun control. Since most gun control advocates do not consider the government a threat to the population (rather, they see the government as a protector and a provider of services), this argument ends up preaching to the choir – it is unpersuasive to gun control advocates and persuasive to those who are already firmly in the anti-gun control camp. (This is also why I do not bother arguing “the 2nd Amendment says…”, because opponents simply disagree with what the 2nd Amendment means.)
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    Posted by: Mike in: Guns,Libertarianism at 6:00 am

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